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Livinus Maduka

Pastor Livinus Maduka’s journey began with a childhood marked by rejection and a skewed perception of God’s nature. Seeking fulfillment through worldly pleasures led to confusion and emptiness until a friend’s death spurred him to accept Jesus. Transformative messages from Dr. I. V. Hilliard and Andrew Wommack helped him understand God’s grace and liberated him from religious burdens. Experiencing God’s power firsthand, he founded the True Gospel Christian Center Church to share God’s blessings and set captives free. The ministry is dedicated to peace, hope, healing, deliverance, and freedom for all.

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Our Mission & Vision

True Gospel Christian Center Church, led by Pastor Livinus Maduka, aims to liberate people from false religious traditions through understanding the True Gospel, which offers unearned favor from God. The ministry spreads this message via television, radio, internet, and community outreaches like food programs and recovery support. By emphasizing God’s grace and faith in Jesus Christ, the church promotes peace, hope, love, and purposeful living, while making disciples and showcasing God’s power through miraculous healings.


Over the past 15 years, we have touched and transformed more than 1000 lives through the power of the Gospel.

Set free from negative addictive behavior- 3 month program: Attitude of gratitude -Eddie came on his graduation day to give thanks for his deliverance through this ministry . Luke 17:-15,16

Amid personal challenges, the ministry’s support helped me overcome rejection, fostering a resilient work ethic. My pastor’s unwavering encouragement ignited my faith journey, empowering me to live and lead others to a Christ-centered life Jose

I was provoked to “Heaven on Earth” after the doctors declared me permanently disabled through a rare autoimmune disorder. Bedridden and cared for by my daughter, I faced hospitalizations, relapses, and mobility issues. Through faith and prayers from Pastor Livinus Madukka I found healing. Despite the doctors declaration of my permanent disability i went to work.Shenika

The recovery center and church along with Pastor Maduka have been a blessing to me to overcome my situations. -Caleb

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